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Fantastic objects, coming from the pictorial World of the Painter Jò Badamo, get life from the impressions of his creative and artistic conscience. They live in a Dimension made of Colour, and at the same time, they are dressed in Eternity.
This innovative way to do art based on a deeply philosophical, cultural base; its foundations deeply go to the artist's intellect to stimulate synthetic and intellectual abilities with harmony.
The Harmony present in every canvas projects towards an understanding of the universe .
                                                                                                                                    Art Critic
                                                                                                                    Dino Marasà

Jò Badamo looks at the world with the enchanted eyes of a dream, with very personal nuances and above all deeply implanted in the imagination. His Art trusts in the evocative power of Colour and in the kind way to get a worthwhile dialogue with the observer.
It is the result of long, expressive research. The Art of Jò Badamo deserves a place of great importance in the contemporary pictorial scenario, and it is at the top of modern artistic elegance.
Art Critic
Sandro Serradifalco
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