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The Art of Changing of Jò Badamo
It seems that there is a universal rule born with humankind that takes a man through a new sensational adventure without any solution of continuity. With the fire discovery, we saw it with the significant scientific discoveries that intelligence tries to improve.
We also saw it with the little and big inventions, and we have also noticed it through the art, in intellectual and spiritual’s galaxy, the artist continues to choose the taste and the aspiration of the new. He exceeds himself as Icarus did in his experience of the flight rising spiritually the new processes. That is what happened in music, sculpture and graphic, and in painting, probably more complex, expressive scene, where we need to mention Picasso, Dali and Fontana's evolution to understand. It is just a universal rule, but the exception can only confirm it.
It is only a morbid curiosity to know what is over the historical straits of Gibraltar. Or is it just the spirit of adventure?
Mythology, an incredible man invention, would confirm that it to us. The time's tyranny can neither oppose this frenetic and proud wish because the works of the intelligence are imperishable witness of a great adventure. Jò Badamo cannot escape from this temptation. He leaves his monochromatic style for new scenery in a few years, full of brightness and colours. We can identify with the ultramodern special effects, so he leaves a historical stage of rural civilization life, for a historical, not historical location, which arrives at the Kolosimo’s temple of mystery.
It seems that there is a mysterious hand that imposes the mind particular choices. It is not the reason but the subconscious that drives the artist. The light presence of a symbolic and formal element, in one way, confirms us an informal evolution of the form; in the other, it cannot let us define the belong to a pictorial current, even if we could refer to the surrealism or metaphysic.
We advise that the new Badamo always works at the unconscious level, an eschatological procedure to the last man and the world's destiny. It seems so image, but it is really like this. It appears that the artist draws larval life figures in a new time, a new world.
Indeed, the artist follows the events like an eternal Cassandra; that is what we saw with Giulio Varrese’s phantasy to let the iron float. Apart from doctrinal, Badamo’s acrylics seem to be sabre cuts of sails or coloured cones, harmonies and visions of depth and galaxies that drag death nature as memories, and more, trees, plants, flowers, and snails, very stylized, saw through deformed prisms.
We cannot understand in his fantastic new painting where there is the man and were the artist. One thing is sure, his picture is good looking, and they are fascinating because they deserve to be studied .
Art critic
                                                                                                                                                     Nic Giaramita
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